PATH New Music Theater



Path New Music Theater’s first production Simulacrum is an opera Combining contemporary music with live action, interactive performance, wearable techniques, Scenic design and contemporary dance. Simulacrum is a collaborative chamber opera whose main character is struggling with the loss of her leg and the acceptance of a new prosthesis. This opera explores the fragile line between the organic and mechanic. Can these disparate ends of a spectrum be blurred, brought closer together? This opera questions how we might reconcile the acceptance of the mechanical over the organic, the loss of the familiar for something foreign.

The abstraction of one man’s production from another’s makes work more and more mechanical, until finally man is able to step aside and install machines in his place.
— Hegel

The libretto is based on an original play titled Loved for parts by playwright Marianna Staroseklsky from Columbia University. The play is structured in six scenes, each set to music by a different composer, a collaborative effort that will run together to create a single narrative. The text is fragmentary and obscures the space between memory and reality, as the main character struggles to remember herself as she current is and as she used to be. This production will utilize new media such as wearable technology that manipulates and controls projected images, expressing the ambiguity between human and mechanical interaction.