PATH New Music Theater



Path New Music Theater is a collective of composers, musicians, choreographers, and visual artists who curate and produce contemporary new media theater.

Our first project, Simulacrum is a multimedia opera to be premiered in the Spring of 2018. The libretto is written by playwright and librettist Marianna Staroselsky and is based on her original play Loved for Parts.

This project features the music of 6 different composers as well as choreographers and visual artists to create a single narrative about a woman who is struggling with the loss of her leg and the acceptance of a new bionic prosthesis.

This opera will focus on the interaction between human and machine through new media such as wearable technology that manipulates and controls projected images interacting with the musicians, dancers and performers.

While music and text remain central to the foundation of our productions, we also aim to draw from a wide pool of art forms, to bring a new perspective to the theatrical stage.